Since the show Ruby first aired in Canada I was hooked. I was hooked not only because I could relate to Ruby’s journey and found comfort in that but also because Ruby is just a very charismatic, inspiring, special, genuine and determined person. Ruby had inspired me to such a degree that I drove 17 hours from Toronto, Ontario Canada to spend a week participating in one of her boot camps in Myrtle Beach. Meeting Ruby was a memory I will always treasure. I am proud to say I am almost 50lbs lighter since that bootcamp and I’ve stuck with it because Ruby taught me there may be bumps in the road but you have to just keep on going and fight that fight day in and day out to achieve my goals. Love you Ruby.

Angelina Rose  Canada



The very first Ruby Retreat in Tennessee!  And it is an awesome experience!  You feel like you are being reunited with lost family members!  Making friends who struggle with the same issues!  I'll NEVER be the same!  I love all you guys! And I want to go so bad to the the next one!  If you can go!  Please go!  I promise it will be worth it! You will leave feeling renewed!  Mentally!  Emotionally!  and  Spiritually!    

Dawanna Lewis  

North Carolina


Ruby shared her amazing story with our church.  I was in awe by her.  Ruby's story is more then a girl fighting obesity.  Ruby's story is about survival, finding yourself, loving yourself, restoration. I watched men and women, teenagers crying at the alter.  She has an sincere desire to help others through her own journey.  I could see from the beginning that Ruby is real, that she is compassionate and very serious about giving away what she has learned through her own experience.    

Jennifer Young  





In October, Ruby held her very first retreat in Tennessee and I felt called to go. I loved Ruby throughout her entire journey on the style network and missed her badly!  I missed the positivity and inspiration she brings to her fans, friends and family.   That's when I found her on Periscope!  Every time she speaks I am captivated by her uplifting words!   Tennessee changed my whole outlook on life.   Meeting Ruby in person is amazing to say the least.   I've went to the retreat in TN, and FL. and I can't wait for her next retreat because I will get to see Ruby, Georgia, Jeff, and Jim, plus all the friends I've made, plus all the new friends I'll be making on my next one!  I went to the first retreat by myself and I'm going by myself this time as well but I will never feel alone because it's like you're with family!   If you're on the fence about registering, just do it because you will have the time of your life laughing, crying, and healing!  

 Beth Winegardner  



"Ruby has been a huge inspiration to me since I started watching her show.  I was going through a very difficult time dealing with weight loss and infertility.  Ruby is so relatable and her humility and humor draws you to her.  I fell in love with her personality and her heart for people.  I have attended two of her retreats and they have helped me tremendously.  I have been struggling with my weight for years, and since attending Ruby's events I have had breakthroughs that I was never able to achieve before.  I am incredibly grateful for Ruby and her willingness to be vulnerable and compassionate enough to share her story and her struggles with all of us.  Ruby is a real-life hero and she means the world to me."

Christy  Word  

Atlanta, Georgia


"I arrived at the Ruby retreat in Orlando all alone and left with more friends and encouragement than I could have ever imagined.  We all face our own demons and struggles, and Ruby has such a natural beauty, flow, and inspiring soul, and her whole group of friends all made us feel so welcome and encouraged.  Everyone left feeling as though we were part of a family and that we could together conquer those demons and become better versions of ourselves.  The bonds we formed and the emotions we shared were unimaginable.  I was able to stand up for myself, follow through on some much-needed change in my life and talked my cousin into joining me in the retreat in Atlanta where more bonds were formed.  The love and encouragement continued and I once again left with a renewed sense of self worth and a commitment to clean house and move forward.  I have already convinced several other family members to sign up for the next Ruby event as soon as we know when it is.  Ruby love is real love!!"

Barbara  Norris  



"I have attended two Ruby events and each one has been a life-changing experience for me.  The bonds that I have formed with other retreaters and with Ruby, Georgia, Jeff and Jim have helped me find the confidence to keep moving forward.  Being able to share my story with others and being inspired by their stories has given me the drive to keep going.  We have formed a caring and loving community that truly watches out for each other and checks on each other on a regular basis.  I didn't just attend a retreat, I found a family.  Ruby is such a caring, loving and genuine person who gives us all of herself through her teachings ... she is truly God's Masterpiece and He is speaking to us through her heart."

Kathy Barton  

West Virginia


"After attending Ruby events in Orlando and Atlanta, I am totally hooked!  The opportunity to meet and speak with  Ruby in person was a "Bucket List" item for me and was truly life changing.  I've NEVER been more comfortable in a group of people before.  To be in a room of folks that know, understand, and accept you for WHO YOU ARE, not how you look, is truly amazing.  Ruby, Georgia, Jeff and Jim are so unconditionally loving and REAL!  NO judgments, just love!  They are funny, compassionate, honest, vulnerable and so loving to ALL.  So many wonderful friends were made and I feel will be lifetime buddies!  Most of all, what I got from the Ruby events was a much deeper love and acceptance of ME!!  My whole life I have struggled with this and finally I'm just more "naturally" loving, caring, and accepting of who and how I am!  It also woke up my passion for life and living!  I'm having more fun, traveling more, and taking more risks!  My commitment to getting healthier and more active is ALIVE AND WELL!  I can never thank  Ruby enough for her love and friendship, care and support, and great "tools" to help me along the journey!  AND of course her amazing band of friends!  I can't wait for the next Ruby events - and the one after that and so on and so on!  I'm hooked for LIFE!  Love you, Ruby!"

Vanessa Stewart  





I have been blessed to have met Ruby twice now and I continue to be inspired by her spirit and love for everyone! I was lucky to meet Ruby first in Nashville in March 2012 and then again in Hendersonville, TN this year. She cares so much about her fan/friends that she remembers us! I know that God sent Ruby to us to show us that we can ALL do better and be better. Her heart is on her sleeve and that is why so many people can relate to her story, we have all been there in some way. God bless Ruby and I can't wait to see her on TV again soon!

 Trish Dapelo   





Ruby Gettinger is truly an inspiration.  She has an amazing ability to touch everyone who hears her story.  From the moment I met Ruby, on her TV Show and in person, I have been drawn to her realness.  She speaks to the truth of obesity and brings to light the issues that the rest of us are ashamed or afraid to talk about.  Because of her willingness to be so transparent, others have bravely shared their personal, and sometimes tragic, stories. It is truly through such honesty and openness that all those who struggle with obesity can begin the road to healing. 

Ruby came to Greeneville, Tn a year ago, and people are still talking about her.  She has touched my life so deeply with her honesty and has been a forerunner for those who follow on our own journey to health.  I will forever be indebted to her.  Ruby knew me when she hadn’t even met me.  She knew my struggles and my shame.  She has courageously stepped up lead the charge to kill the beast for all of us.  She is truly a hero!

 Kimberly Shelton

Greeneville, Tn

Thank you, Ruby, for investing in the lives of the ladies at our annual retreat.  You are certainly the talk of the town! Your charming personality, your love for God, your affection for people, and your southern wit will always be cherished.  We were inspired, challenged, and motivated.  

Thank you for being so open and transparent with our ladies.

 "The world lacks truth, and you certainly speak the truth embraced with love.  You embody honesty 

and integrity, boldly standing up for what is right and fair.  You have the courage to keep going, 

the will to succeed, the willingness to dedicate yourself and to help others.

"Thank you for setting such a wonderful example to follow."

Sherry Stallings

Women's Ministry

Director Highest Praise Church

Ruby Gettinger gave a sensitive and heartwarming presentation to students in the College of Health Professions at Armstrong State University in Savannah, Georgia. "Her honest discussion of her lifelong battle with her weight was informative and challenged the reality of many of the future health professionals in the audience. "From the moment we were in contact with Ruby's agent, Stacy Robinson, we found that they both were interested in the initiative we were planning. Scheduling, which can be a pain, was effortless due to Ms. Robinson's professionalism and due to Ruby's flexibility and desire to be part of our event. "When Ruby arrived at our venue, we knew we had a winner. When I attempted to shake her hand, she refused saying "I'm a hugger" and she sure was. She either physically or symbolically hugged each and every one that attended the event. "I would highly recommend Ruby Gettinger if you want a personable, professional, and huggable presentation.

James A. "Sandy" Streator

Associate Dean, College of Health Professions Armstrong State University

Savannah, Georgia




Ruby saved my life.  I am 22 years old and I've been suffering from bulimia!  After coming to Real time with Ruby in Nashville & hearing Ruby speak I realized how sick I am.  I am frighten when I think I almost did not come.  Thank God I did!  Ruby thank you for saving my life. 


Henderson, TN 




I was so excited to get to meet Ruby after watching her on her show she just seem like the type of person you can be friends with forever! Getting to hear more of her story at the Women's Conference in Tennesee was amazing. After meeting her, wow! Ruby's the kind of person you just feel so connected to, just talking to her I knew she understood and truly cared. Because of Ruby I have started my own journey to lose weight and to better me and live my God given destiny! I have my bad days, but by staying connected to Ruby on Facebook and Twitter. She helps motivate and inspire me everyday! She a lifesaver and I am so blessed and thankful for Ruby!  

Stephanie Youngblood  

South Carolina




"I made life long friends who understood my struggles. I looked forward to going every day and realized that workouts really can be fun" I will definitely go to another Ruby and Gang event!"

 Michelle Learman  





Ruby's Boot camp Although I was surrounded by women, I had a blast and learned that as an avid soccer player there are still some exercises that wooped me!!! I met people that continue to encourage me and every time I think about blowing it... I think about them and our struggles! I met friends that I hope and wish that I have for life. The best for last... I met a woman that inspires many and is a very beautiful person both inside and out... She will always be

special to me and she taught me how to hug! I love my Ruby!!!!
Bart Learnman  





"I wish I could Boot Camp with Ruby daily!  Seeing Ruby working out made me believe I can do it! It's was so much fun doing it with a group of people who genuinely care! Ruby keeps you laughing!  The workout is hard, but they workout for your level! I weighed 276 &  I lost 12 pounds. Can't wait to do it again!" 

 Mallory  Gunter  





Ruby was inspiring, uplifting and hilarious.  My friends and I did not want to leave.  Ruby has a way of making you see the truth about yourself.  My friends left there believing we could do anything.  Since hearing Ruby I've lost 72 pounds.  I hope she will come back here to speak.  My friends and I would travel 5 hours to see her.  Thank you Ruby for changing our lives.  

Abby Baker  

North Carolina




I took my niece Kem to an event which was held at a fitness club called The Sportsclub in Greenville, SC. I was visiting vendors when Ruby appeared in a hallway. I was honored and happy that I was the first one she approached because I was where she entered. She gave me a big hug and said hello, and spoke with me briefly as if she had known me forever! Her loving spirit radiated love more than anyone I have ever seen. I was in a WOW moment, not because she was a celebrity but because of her genuine kindness and love she expressed and her loving spirit radiated.

As the day moved on, I quickly realized that Ruby never meets a stranger but loves everyone and treats everyone with so much love and affection. Not once did she shy away from the crowd but she took her time in getting to know each and every attendant as did her friends Jeff and Georgia. Their Christian spirit was real and shined out in a unique way that one will have to witness to full grasp and understand.

While I was waiting in line to get her autograph, I was very tickled when the event coordinator went over to her and asked her to hurry because she took her time in speaking with each and every individual and talked to each person in a very special and unique way and that was like she had always knew them. When I said she does not meet a stranger and everyone is her friend, I meant that. I have met celebrities before but none were ever as genuine as Ruby as far as expression of such love and affection to EVERYBODY!

I saw my niece make changes right before my eyes that day. It was the love, support and concern that Georgia gave my niece and it was real.

I have even seen Ruby reach out on facebook and send well wishes when one of her fans that she met at the Sportsclub was battling cancer or other illnesses. Yes, she remembered us!!! She has millions of fans but she remembered us! I thought that was amazing!

It does not matter if you are overweight or not overweight, seeing Ruby will change your life and inspire you to overcome whatever battle or addiction that you are facing. Her messages is not just about losing weight but she inspired us to want to be a better people and start our own personal journey, no matter what journey we were on. Even if you do not have any addiction or problems, you will still walk out inspired to reach out to the world and be a kinder and better person.

There is something about Ruby besides her weight that lies deep inside her soul and that is genuine love. Her spirit is what makes her. Ruby's kind and loving spirit is who she really is. She is not her weight, but a soul so full of love and inspiration who only wants the best for everybody that she comes in contact with. I am hoping that Ruby will come to my area again because I will be there! I am waiting and watching for an opportunity in my area again!! 

 Jackie Weaver





Real Time with Ruby was awesome!!! This was a experience of a lifetime!!  I would say it was something I could mark off my bucket list. I had just been in the hospital the week before and hearing Ruby's story got me back into fighting for my life to lose the rest of my weight.  Ruby really helped me and had suggestions of different groups I could go to.  Ruby also encourage us to form a group ourselves and we did!  Our first meeting is today!   I know have a group of friends that are supporting and encouraging me.  

 Amy Norman




I've been overweight most of my life because of something that happened in my childhood. One day I turned on the TV and saw Ruby's show. I then found her on Facebook and found out she was having a bootcamp. So I drove 10 hours to meet her! It wasn't until a year later that I saw her again in Nashville that the words she spoke helped me get my life back! As soon as I heard her speak about dreams, and fighting the beast, and living your God destiny, I realized that's what was missing in my life! Since then I am down 2 sizes and feeling hopeful about my future! Thanks for helping me get my life back Ruby! I am so happy to call you my friend!

Melissa Morgan



"RTWR was amazing in so many ways: we got to work out with America's amazing inspirational friend, Ruby.  No matter What size we were or What shape we were in the boot camp allowed us to challenge ourselves to our own limits! I cant wait to work out again with Ruby and her myrtle beach gang!"​  Ann Mayfield




I heard Ruby's testimony for the first time.  In that, I found love, compassion, and I found that she had a powerful story.  Ruby not only impacted my life but the rest of the audience as well.  If you ever have a chance to hear Ruby speak do not miss it.  You will leave a changed person.  



I'm so glad Ruby came to Nashville!  Meeting her was amazing and inspiring!  I was impressed that the whole "gang" showed up!!  I will never forget this experience. Real Time With Ruby was very "real." 


Chamberlin  TN





RealTimeWithRuby was just what I needed!  I had almost lost hope to ever really lose all the weight; as I told Ruby, I felt stuck. Ruby was so very encouraging, and time with her has jumpstarted me to lose again! Happy to call her my "fin"! 



"I challenge all you guys that think Ruby's Bootcamp is just for women to sign'll be glad you did!
I plan to do it again!  It started me working out and I haven't stopped!"
From  David Miles Johnson



"Ruby's BC was the best teacher for me!  I went to meet Ruby.  I do not have a weight issue! Meeting and working out with people all sizes taught me not to be judgmental.
They worked us out according to our levels!  Ruby would sit and talk with us!  Ruby and friends are the real deal! I've made lifetime friends at Ruby's BC plus got back on track and saw my physical weaknesses and what I need to work towards."
Thank you Ruby and friends, Diane



Ruby's Boot Camp pushed me to go places I have never been before. The Boot Camp was not only one of the toughest things I have ever done, but one of the best things I have ever done! Her Boot Camp works out every muscle. Believe me you will feel the burn! The Boot Camp not only pushes you, it also inspires you.
Allison Newman